Jose Quintana is the White Sox Opening Day Starter


It is here.  It is happening.  I wasn’t sure this day would come.  I wasn’t sure I wanted it to come.  Jose Quintana is the White Sox Opening Day Starter.  I have ranted, sweated, drooled, nearly puked over postings here at the 108 about the NEED to trade Jose Quintana……I’m not going to link to any of the posts, because it’s too painful.  I have complained of irritable bowels from fear of the White Sox not trading Q and I had a bathroom misshap at work this week that is probably directly related to him still being on the roster.  The White Sox are rebuilding and that is a scientific fact, but their best trade chip, still sits ineffectually on their roster.  I probably won’t be at ease until the White Sox return from a future Q trade has safely made it into our minor league affiliates rosters……….BUT………….Jose Quintana is the White Sox Opening Day Starter and for that, I am grateful and on April 3rd I will reflect and enjoy it.  As much as my mind knows that the rebuild is the best thing for my team and that trading Q is part of that medicine, my heart loves watching Q pitch and watching the White Sox have their best chance to win.  Plus, Q has been a hard luck loser in his White Sox career…….he’s that undervalued, under appreciated player who just shows up and does a great job and doesn’t do anything to try and curry extra favor or grab up the spot light.  When things don’t go his way, he doesn’t cut up jerseys or threaten to boycott a fucking spring training game, he just goes out there and does his fucking job, well, with dignity and humility.  I like that.  I’ll miss Jose Quintana when he’s not on the White Sox anymore…………I’ll probably be rooting loudly for him when he’s starting a playoff game for some other team that I would normally never care about.  So on April 3rd, at least for a day, I’ll be happy and enjoy his first and likely last Opening Day start in a White Sox uniform.  Fan First.

– BeefLoaf

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