The 5 – Things That Piss Me Off More Than The Name Change & Why It Shouldn’t Bother You.


Holy shit. The internets went hog wild yesterday when we got the news that our beloved U.S. Cellular Field changed it’s name to Guaranteed Rate Field. Wow. Yep. Wow. May I be the first to say……I REALLY DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK.  Let me explain….

Not even accurate.

1- We already sold out. Once they stopped using Comiskey, we had already sold out, and us fans had lost. So this is technically cashing in when you do it the second time. Plus were any of you really attached to calling our park “The Cell”? Yeah, didn’t think so.


2- This team sucks balls. For all that is holy this team SUCKS. It’s brutal to watch this team day in and day out. Maybe they sucked this bad last year and previous years, but this one is more personal to me due to the offseason moves. I honestly thought they filled gaps and the quick start only sunk the hooks in deeper. It’s like getting dumped and having to watch your ex-girlfriend hanging with the new guy that’s fucking her. It’s awful, that awful.


3-Our front office is suspect. As much as I want a total rebuild, I have about ZERO faith in our front office to make this happen. No way we get what our big guys are worth. This is the same front office that has drama all de time. Same front office who traded for James Shields. Thought Tyler Flowers was the future catcher. Signed Gordon Beckham, twice. Signed Adam LaRoche. That enough?

Kenny Williams still runs this show and I ain’t buying what he’s selling. Actually Kenny doesn’t sell, he only buys.  He’ll buy any old hasbeen you offer a 10% discount on.  Give Rick the keys Kenny! Ricky can’t seal the deal with a 10pm curfew and no car brah.

This whole thing is stupid.

4- Unless it’s a Cubs fan, no one cares. Cubs fans are having the time of their lives right now, kinda deserved. They (Cubs) sucked it up and rebuilt. We just sucked it up, no rebuild. So yes, your Northy friends are gonna give you shit about the name.  What you shouldn’t do is engage them. Just nod when they open their mouth.  What you should do is remind them that back in the day Wrigley Field was the first sell out. They will argue that “no it was the name of the owner”, but remind them that there is this gum company called Wrigley. And they used to give free gum to people. It was first called Weeghman Park, then Cubs Park until it was bought by Wrigley. He named it after himself and his company. They had double mint twins on the scoreboard.  Just cause it’s his name doesn’t make it better. What a sellout.

Ads. Everywhere. LOL

5- If we win, it doesn’t even matter. We won at U.S. Cellular Field not Comiskey, did it ruin that feeling for anyone? Hell no. Call it Astroglide Field, as long as we are winning…..NOTHING ELSE MATTERS ( \m/ ). Attendance will go up when we win. The park will run better when we win and people wanna be there. Fans will quit bitching about bullshit. So let’s do all we can to win.


Corporate names don’t mean shit and have ZERO to do with the product on the field. So let’s focus on that till we win. Another thing that will go up when we start winning is ticket prices, so enjoy those $7 tickets now fans. Cause that will be the 1st thing to go when we string some winning years together

It’s coming White Sox fans, just gotta take out the trash. Go Sox.


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