Section 108 Interview Series – Chicago Party Aunt

A while back, we were able to steal a few minutes of Chicago Party Aunt’s time during her busy 2020 campaign. As election night nears, we figured we should launch it to give her one last thrust towards glory.


Favorite All Time Player That Doesn’t Have a Statue On the Concourse

Lance “One Dog” Johnson 

Favorite Drink and Dinner at the Park 

I usually go Chili Cheese Fries in a batting helmet with a Boozy Hot Chocolate

Favorite Place to Sit 

I’m a Section 108 babe 😉

Favorite Uniform 

Well the shorts were originally my idea back in the day because I want to see some more skin on the boys, so I’ll go ’76

Favorite Giveaway 

Carlos Rodon Bobblehead

Favorite Theme Night 

Margaritaville Night or Rock and Roll Night


What is the worst part of being a Sox fan? 


Worst part of the game day experience? 

Getting searched at the gate

What really grinds your gears? 

When security finds wine coolers in my purse

Game Day

How Early Do You Get To Games? 

Usually 4 to 6 hours before batting practice

What Do You Bring To Games? 

My wine bra and a dozen oranges that I’ve injected with vodka

Possibly Chicago Party Aunt

Section 108 Questions

What is your favorite baseball word? 


What is your least favorite baseball word? 


What makes you sad about the White Sox? 

That it ain’t called Comiskey anymore

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you love? 

The fireworks, baby!

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you hate? 

“Last Call”

Favorite Non-White Sox Twitter Account and why?


What do you like best about @fromthe108 ?

All the hot bods

Which Chicago Area concert venue (dead or alive) is your favorite and why?

The Original Poplar Creek

If Quarantined with Tom Skilling, what would your daily routine look like?

We wouldn’t get out of bed

Favorite cut of Steak?  Prepared?

Ribeye, Raw

Where would you take @GasMoneyBob out on a date?

Any Mobil Station

Favorite performance enhancing drug?

I’m a steroids girl

Happy Ending

Favorite Band? 


What is your favorite song? 


What Player had the greatest impact on you? 

Carlton Fisk. High Impact.

What do you do for work? If you could be or do anything else – what? 

Cut Hair

If you could live in any other time, when might that be? 


What are you most proud of? 

My T & also A

How would you like to be remembered? 

The #1 Party Babe around

What were your best/worst subjects in school? 

Math sucked. Gym class rocked.

What do you like doing in your spare time? 


Who is your celebrity crush? 

Farina or Franz

What is your favorite movie? 


What is your favorite baseball movie? 

Field of Dreams or Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

What is your biggest/weirdest fear? 

They will discontinue Bud Light Lime

What would be your one super power? 

Never have a hangover

What pet would you love to have? 

Spuds MacKenzie

What’s your one annoying habit? 

Punching Twins fans

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