Seltzer Review: Hard Mountain Dew

Although I am mostly known for imbibing in a plethora of beers, I also occasionally will go the seltzer route to change things up.  When I heard that Mountain Dew was releasing their own take on hard seltzers, I was immediately intrigued.  The highly anticipated release has finally launched in stores throughout the Chicagoland area.  Naturally, I grabbed a variety 12 pack in order to try them all.  

Hard Mountain Dew 12 pack

Like most hard seltzers, each Hard Mountain Dew registers at 5% ABV and contains zero sugar.  If you’re participating in the #108WeightLoss challenge, this could be just the drink for you.  Let’s cut to the chase and see how all 12 of these taste. 

Baja Blast

As a Taco Bell enthusiast, I was most excited to crack this one first.  Typically my T-Bell order includes a large Baja Blast, which I typically bring home and mix in with some Tito’s Handmade Vodka.  The seltzer version is identical in color and has that same great taste as your Taco Bell drink.  Baja Blast brought the booziest punch out of the four in the twelve pack, yet still contains the same ABV levels as the other three.  

Hard Mountain Dew (The OG)

Next up we have the OG Mountain Dew.  I am amazed at how the coloring is spot on, but I shouldn’t be.  Mountain Dew has years of expertise on adding in the perfect amount of Yellow 5 into their drinks.  (and the possible side effects)  While the sugar was obviously not there, this was still a delight and had less notes of the booze flavor that Baja Blast brought.  For lacking the sugar levels, this still tasted nearly identical to Mountain Dew.  

Hard Mountain Dew

Black Cherry

Pouring out in a very dark red, the black cherry flavor was something else.  The good news is you can’t taste any booze with this one.  The bad news, it’s not very good.  I found that BCHMD had way too much artificial cherry flavor and it even was overpowering on the scent.  This qualifies closer to a NyQuil Hard Seltzer than anything else, stick to the White Claw Black Cherry, unless you’re into the whole getting drunk off of NyQuil thing.  


Last but not least I drank the watermelon flavor.  Talk about seeing red!  This would be great to drink during Bulls games with how bright red this drink is.  I could throw down a 12 pack of these while watching Ayo and the gang do their thing.  Loaded with juicy watermelon flavors, it wasn’t overpowering like the black cherry.  

I will leave you with my final power rankings now that I have drunkenly navigated my way through the 12 pack:

  1. OG Mountain Dew: Available in tall boys, perfect for that short uber trip.
  2. Baja Blast: Definitely will be crushing this more regularly with my Taco Bell.
  3. Watermelon: Good, not great.  I’ll drink it again 
  4. Black Cherry:  #NotGreat.  Seek help if you enjoy this


-Brew Hand Luke

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