The One Hitter – Yoan Moncada is a Free Agent in November 2023

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.

Good day friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf and after a good #108ing sesh last night and some sushi, I wake up this morning brimming with enthusiasm….ENTHUSIASM!?!?!  That’s right, our fucking Bears play tomorrow and they are going to skull fuck the Eagles, but that’s not why you called.  You come here to talk about Baseball and Bullshit, so I’ll, as they say “move it along”.


In between all of the crazy ass rumors about MacHarper and their expected contract offers and such, we have a budding divide growing amongst large pools of WhiteSox fans, with the 108ers sort of sitting right in the middle.  Group 1 continually points out that the White Sox are behind in their rebuilding efforts based on a myriad of factors, some they can control and some they undoubtedly can’t.  This group believes that because some of the top talent acquired in the Sale and Eaton trades were major league ready that the timeline for the rebuild should be truncated when compared to other “tear it down to the studs rebuilds” like the Cubs and Astros.  Group 2 are the “be patient with the rebuild” folks.  They think that because the majority of the minor league talent that has been accumulated (in numbers) is still floating around in affiliated ball that everyone should hold their fucking horses on when the White Sox should actually be good.

I must admit, I see both group’s points and I sympathize with both.  However, I’m a full season ticket holder and I plan to be in 5 years regardless of which of these groups is correct or not.  I’m a bad example.  Regardless, something is obviously true.


Yoan Moncada will be a free agent in November 2023 (so will Reynaldo Lopez and Lucas Giolito).  Assuming nothing changes between now and then, the first big GET of the rebuild will be taking offers from other teams after the 2023 season.  Now, one player does not a team make, but if you’ve been going goo-goo and gah-gah about MacHarper rumors then you understand what a big difference superstars make.  Just something for you to keep in mind no matter which group you are in when thinking about “competitive windows” and shit.


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