Favorite Album: @usanachris

When I see someone hitting a lot of live shows and an eclectic mix of bands, it definitely makes me wonder what their favorite album is.

Name/Twitter Handle

Chris McG – @usanachris

Favorite Album

Metallica – Black Album

First time you heard it

I bought the CD at the Best Buy near the Golf Mill Mall in Niles on release day in August 1991. 19 year old me listened to it immediately on the ride home. I was already a fan of the band, but was a newer fan and this was the first album released during my fandom. I recall reading or hearing an interview or two hyping up the album. The turning point in the pre-release’s hype was hearing Enter Sandman on the radio the week or so before the album released – that intro hooked me. The Black Album was a near daily listen for me for a few weeks and the radio singles could be heard blaring on car radios and dorm stereos on the Univ. of Illinois campus that fall.

How often do you listen to it?

In it’s entirety, a few times each year.

Why is this your favorite album?

The album has what I like in music – a hard driving backbone with understandable lyrics and a multi-guitar sound. The lyrics are also very introspective and depending on my mood I hear and feel something different in those words. It was the first album that I truly looked forward to its release and it lived up to and exceeded what I was expecting.

Metallica has been focused on their fans with 3+ hour concerts, in the round stages and a true feeling of community – a recognition and acknowledgement that the band and fans are all parts of what make Metallica what it is today. For those reasons I support and buy each of their releases. Yes, including Lulu which was also bought on release day at Best Buy.

Which track would be your walk up music?

Of Wolf and Man

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