#108Tourney 2021 – Snubs Draft

As you may or may not have heard, the Snubs Draft works differently this year. Anyone drafted will be added to the play-in games to take the 108th spot in the Tourney. Watch it all go down here:

Intern Darrin

  2. Tommy Barbee
  3. IowaSox
  4. Beer Garden Jim

Aloha Mr. Hand

  1. Sleepy Harold
  2. Mr. Mare
  3. KFidds
  4. Brian Bilek – Was called into question by BeefLoaf as Brian was previously in the Celebs Region. The Chancellor approved this selection.


  1. Shane Harmon
  2. Iowas 7 Footer
  3. DJ Musterd
  4. Uncle Grumpy


  1. Perez Ramirez
  2. South Side Mando
  3. Matt Berklan
  4. Dan Victor


  1. Slim Mick
  2. Buzz On Tap
  3. Mike Downey
  4. Barry BagoDonuts

White Sox Dave (picked by Darrin and Mr Hand)

  1. Iowa Zach
  2. Nathan Shiba
  3. BSon
  4. Midway Jimbo

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