108 Bracketology November 2020

Hey all! It’s your favorite man of questionable character returning, by popular demand I will add, for another year of 108 Bracketologist. Before beginning let me reiterate something I said last year, I am NOT on the tournament selection committee, so take these articles however you want. So here we go.

I think that the very obvious way to start this year’s version of bracketology is to ask the same question I asked last year, can anyone unseat the now three-time champion @barstoolWSD (White Sox Dave)?

This has been a great year for Dave. He is part of the Barstool Chicago team that has a radio show on SIRIUSXM satellite radio every weekday at 2:00, he has reaffirmed his position as the mayor of #scoopcity and has survived the ‘rona. By the way, I know that Dave can be a polarizing figure to some but I am proud to call him a friend.

With all of that being said, I have to ask the same question I did last year. Is this the year that Dave faces a serious challenge and possibly loses his title? He has been the overall #1 seed for the past three years and has won each round by a comfortable margin. Last year I was of the opinion that Dave was vulnerable, very vulnerable was the exact term I used. This year it is obvious it is his tourney to win and that he has become the New York Yankees of the #108Tourney.

With that being laid out the question becomes who do I think can mount a serious challenge to Dave’s throne? Let me throw a couple of names out there.

  1. My Sox Summer – MSS is the man who gets your 108 gear out the door the same day, makes taking edibles and doing a podcast an entertaining mix, and dominates the new age dad lifestyle.
  2. Wally $ – Let’s face it. Wally is the epitome of #108ing. Anyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy a game with Wally, or partake in some #108ing with him, knows that he is the #108ing standard that most can only hope to admire, let alone achieve.
  3. King Nom – OUR Hot dog king, the man who consumed 149 ½ Dollar Dogs, or #dollardongs. With that gastrointestinal fortitude it is hard to pick, let alone root, against him. Some think they can keep up but when it comes to crunch, or in this case munch, time they whimper away after talking a big game. 
  4. Queen Nom (Amy) – The woman who supports King Nom in his quest to defeat Joey Chestnut. Nothing more needs to be said.

One thing that you will notice in the people I have named; they all contribute to the 108 or live the #108ing lifestyle. Does this mean that any one of these fine people will knock Dave off? Of course not. The tourney is a few months away and if 2020 has taught us anything several factors can change between now and then.

To everyone who is interested in being in the tournament always remember this. The #108tourney committee is always watching and paying attention. Great content and humor will go a long way in getting someone selected to the tourney. Rudeness, ignorance, and disrespect of others are the fastest ways to get yourself disqualified from consideration.

Do you think you are up to the challenge of taking Dave down? Then make sure you bring the heat on Twitter and making sure that you are copying @fromthe108 and using the hashtag #108tourney or #108ing.   

-Aloha Mr. Hand

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