MLB’s Proposed NEW Xtra Innings Rule SUCKS

Roll the tape for another tweet about Rob Manfred’s dumb concept of new age baseball….

Here is a list, non-inclusive, of things as bad as Bobfred’s (this is trademarked by the way) new rule for extra innings….


Paper Cuts

Michael Jordan with the Wizards

Reheated Frozen Pizza


Eating Ribs with a fork and knife

Hydrox cookies

Beverly Hills Cop III

Acid Reflux

Will Ferrell on The Office

Apples that aren’t covered in Taffy


Yes, I know they already do this shit in the minor leagues, but who cares, let’s just borrow some rules used in 16 inch softball, that should solve it……



Here’s the BeefLoaf solution.


Uno – Borrowing a rule from 16 inch softball, we allow re-entry in extra innings, except I want unlimited re-entry. If you have a fast runner on your team, he can re-enter the game each inning that you get a base runner on to do damage. Same thing with re-racking a pinch hitter when you need one.

Due – At the start of the extra innings, each team can completely reset their batting order. That’s right, when we get to extra innings, go ahead and have your optimal lineup start the inning. Or a sub-optimal one that is now optimal with re-entry.

Imagine the excitement, and you could definitely scream at your manager for screwing this up, which is like 87% of fanning, blaming things on the manager that are total “hindsight is 20/20” bullshit.


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