Trade Deadline – AL Central

With the trade deadline fast approaching, I wanted to talk a little bit about the other teams in the division. There is a very large split between the top and bottom of the division and I found myself wondering how this could benefit the White Sox in future years. So let’s go team by team.

Minnesota Twins

I’ve applauded the Twins for both assembling a great minor league stockpile and for signing solid veterans on short deals to sit in front of them as they develop. While they will only have 2 of their 5 starters on the team next year, they have guys ready to go such as Devin Smeltzer who has already pitched some games in the big leagues. However, Cleveland is right on their tail and even if they win the division, they need to go head to head with Houston and New York. What Rick James would call “smoking with the big boys.”

So maybe, just maybe they will sell off some of the prospect depth for short term upgrades. The bottom half of the division is rebuilding, so what better time for them to push for a big run. Now, they ain’t getting rid of Royce Lewis or Alex Kirilloff. We’re gonna have to deal with those fuckers. But maybe some of the next tier will get sent to Texas for a Mike Minor. That would be great for the Sox.

Cleveland Indians

Somehow the Indians are still in this thing. And as they are seemingly coming to the end of their window, they very well may feel the need to trade some of their prospects to try to, in Jake Taylor‘s words “win the whole fucking thing.” And likely, they’ll fall flat in the playoffs just like that team did. I won’t shed a tear if they send away another top prospect like they did in the Francisco Mejia for Brad Hand trade. Shipping away Nolan Jones or Bo Naylor for a September push would be gosh darn wonderful.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers are trash and they’re paying Jordan Zimmermann like he’s Nolan Ryan. Not to mention, Miguel Cabrera‘s contract is basically a life debt at this point. So the near term is rough for them, but with Casey Mize dominating the minors and Michael Fulmer working back from injury, you can start to see a rotation forming. That is, if Matt Boyd doesn’t get traded. Now Shane Greene is definitely getting moved, but Boyd is a problem. Do the Tigers keep him around and look at what 2021 could be? Fulmer and Boyd have 4 arb years, so they’d be there with Mize in 2021 and 2022. Or do they trade Boyd and try to build around Mize. I hope it’s the latter. Trade Boyd and really sell off your chances in the next few years. What could be the markings of a #PerpetualRebuild.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals are not quite as bad as the Tigers, but they’re certainly not good. Couple that with their small market payrolls, and you see a team that needs to get top dollar for Whit Merrifield. But holding out for that could easily backfire on them. Remember that kid that wouldn’t trade you any of his Kevin Maas rookie cards? Remember when he ended up with worthless pieces of cardboard? Well, that’s what we need to happen to the Royals.


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