108 Polls – The City Jersey Battle

Back in the day the topic came up on our new podcast about the White Sox trotting out the retro jerseys all the time. It was also discussed that the players’ weekend jerseys were trash compared to the 2019 NBA city jerseys. Our guy ‘Loaf ran a poll asking the folks what jersey they would like in the 2019 campaign. With no shock to MSS, the Sox fans came through and picked a retro jersey over a city one. ‘Loaf then took the “Steve Jobs Approach” that you folks don’t know what you want ’til you see it. So a drunk MSS boasted that we’d do a battle. He got two of our favorite Twitter graphic designers to submit an entry(s) and even MSS got in the game too. The stage was set for greatness.

Having got his degree in Art (B.A. mofos) from THEE Northern Illinois University and having sat through many art critiques where he bullshitted how “deep” his strongly pornographic art was, MSS has added his comments. Like he’s a professional or some shit.

We give you the 2019 WHITE SOX CITY JERSEY BATTLE!

1st Up – JeffMugs (@jeffmugs)

Jeff’s Take –  With mine, I tried to think of something iconic that everyone from Chicago would recognize, so I did the Hancock design.

MSS Take – Let me just say that the subtle John Hancock Tower reference is fucking dope. As is the Sox silhouette on the black version. Details, I fucking love them. I like the use of the old logos and obviously the Chicago flag colors and elements. Nothing screams Chicago more than that.

Next @soxon35th‘s own B-Son (@bson)

MSS Take – Pants on fucking point. Those are dope AF. I like the use of the late 80’s early 1990 jersey cursive C. Obviously the Chicago flag colors and elements are working well in this version too. And in true BSon fashion, this fucker is complete and looks legit. I mean shoelaces? You slay Bson.

And finally @fromthe108‘s MSS (@mysoxsummer)

MSS Take – So, admittedly, I took a way different approach. I also took FOREVER. These guys cracked theirs out in a matter of days. My original concept was using the White Sox road jersey “Chicago” script but have it say “South Side”. Work that in 3 layers, stack the flag colors, on a black jersey. However no matter how I hard I tried, it just didn’t work. So for some reason Kanye’s “Homecoming” (which was a fave when I was west coastin’) was up in my head so this is what popped out.

I tend to stay kinda minimal, so that is what you see. Subtle blue use, mainly using the red, black and white. Stars used and I brought back the Sox diamond patch that I was a huge fan of on the aways. There could even be an up north version for the Crosstown Classic. I don’t know, I’d like to see these get made for sure.

So Go Vote!

Starting Wednesday (1/16) we are gonna put up a poll(s) and you guys can vote for one of these entries or one of the old retro jerseys. Your call!  Plus maybe ‘Loaf is right, yous don’t know what yous want till you see it. Also, for any designer / artist out there (Zach from New Sox Order, looking your way) that wants to mock up their own version PLEASE FUCKING DO! Tweet it at us and we’ll put ya in the battle!

Special thanks to Jeff and BSon. We appreciate the help and you guys knocked it out the park. Next up, 108 Jersey Design Contest!


1 Person I Would Have Talked About If We Did A Podcast This Week – Carson Fulmer

As you guys know, hopefully, we started a podcast a few months ago. It’s good shit especially if you read this blog and enjoy our musings on Twitter. Due to life we decided that this week we would take a break as Loaf was vacationing in Texas and Chorizy was in Vegas hanging with Daniel Palka. So I decided to write a quick blog on 1 of the things I would have talked about on this week’s pod. I am listening to Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers as I type, feel free to do the same.

I was rolling around in the White Sox Premium group on the Facebook. I engaged in a lengthy conversation with one of the admins about our former starting pitcher Carson Fulmer. The question was raised if he could be a valuable guy in short relief / set up situations. I responded with what Chorizy has stated to me several times in the tub, “If he isn’t good to start, why would he be good later?” Well, let me tell you, the admin didn’t agree with my statement at all. He responded very quickly with –

Ridiculous. There’s a long list of failed starters that became excellent releivers.

So, the examples named by this guy were as follows –

How about Lee Smith? Dennis Eckersley? Mariano Rivera?
All failed at starting at some point and converted to relief pitching. This isn’t new.

I am a student of internet arguing so I did some quick research and what really stood out to me was the mention of Dennis Eckersley. My baseball knowledge isn’t all that awesome, so upon a quick search I learned that Eck had a 20 win season as a starting pitcher. Hardly a failure in my eyes. At the very least he had some success as a starting pitcher right?

Lee Smith barely was even considered a starter as he only started 6 games in 18 years. Mariano Rivera never really started in the MLB past his first year either. But his numbers were better than Carson in his 10 games started. Plus, both guys, in my eyes are complete exceptions to the rule as both guys are HOF’ers. Tom Gordon was brought up by another guy in the thread, but again, he had major league success as a staring pitcher. So much he was named ROY and won 17 games in his rookie season. Hardly failed.

I thought this was pretty sufficient proof that the guys he mentioned weren’t the best examples to be used to make a point, but nah, he said I was wrong. My point was “failed”. He still claimed that the guys above were failed starting pitchers.

I stated to him what I wrote above (exceptions) he said they were NOT exceptions, and there are many more. He even said that Fulmer wasn’t really a starting pitcher in college and that the Sox made him do it. Hmmm, that didn’t add up either so I Googled it up and found out that in his sophomore season he was moved to a starting pitcher pretty early in the season. He pitched 28 scoreless innings as a starter! he was 7 -1 in his sophomore year at Vandy with a 1.98 ERA. Junior year he was 14-2, with a 1.83 ERA. Then he was drafted by the Sox in the 1st round of the 2015 draft. Well, we know how well he has done in the majors 5-7, 6.68 ERA. 67.1 innings pitched.

So, again, no he wasn’t really a reliever in college (not anything of note anyways), he found success as a starting pitcher and the Sox took a gamble on him. Well, my guy said that his sample size is too small to make a decision if he can be a MLB reliever. And he could be right. But how many more games do we need to lose before we realize that he might not have the stuff to make it in the MLB? I would think that last year he would have been called up had he shown anything of value as our bullpen was a dumpster fire. But that wasn’t good enough either, my guy linked me to an article that shows the top 10 failed starting pitchers that became great relievers. You ready for this?

Pretty sure I pissed this guy off at a White Sox / Cubs Spring Training game while he was selling and signing stuff as I smoked right by him. He also had pictures that clearly he or his agent had taken to a Walmart and scanned them on the “print your own scanner”. The MLB hologram wasn’t a hologram, it was flat as fuck. Ha.

Rollie Fingers (HOF’er). John Franco (Never started a game in the MLB). Goose Gossage (Had 26 saves in 1975, Sox tried to make him a starter, didn’t work). Roberto Hernandez (Was barely a MLB starter). Jason Isringhausen (Failed Starting Pitcher). Jose Mesa (Failed Starting Pitcher). Joe Nathan (was still over .500 in his starting pitching years in MLB, went to the minors and was brought back as a reliever. I guess he was a failure?). Mariano Rivera (See Above). Francisco Rodriguez (The article states he started in his 1st 3 professional seasons, but he never played in the MLB as a starting pitcher. Failed I guess?) Lee Smith (See Above).

Ok, right now you are confusing this with a blog from Chorizy or ‘Loaf, but I assure you they didn’t write this. And if you are listening at home, 36 Chambers just finished so I have moved on to Wu-Tang Forever.

At this point in the conversation, I am kinda floored that a guy who seems pretty knowledgeable about baseball doesn’t really see the other side on Fulmer and how it would be crazy to say that he could be the next Mariano Rivera (which I don’t think he thinks that will be his path, but he used him as an example TWICE).

He did question my use of calling these guys exceptions which to most I would think they are clearly are. This is not the norm. I am sure there are tons of guys who have made the adjustment but I would be willing to bet 8 times as many of them haven’t. It’s baseball. Failure is part of the game. A big part. He said that didn’t prove much as tons of people fail. WTF?

Folks, according to a guy on White Sox Premium, Carson Fulmer has it in him to become a quality reliever. I, personally, don’t see it and I don’t think the Sox do either. But they will let him try it plenty I am sure. Carson is a great guy and awesome with anyone that comes into contact with him. I get it, I know why people would stand up for him and say he can do anything. But in my limited time seeing him pitch, I just don’t see this happening. I hope he comes back hard and can finally get control of his pitches to make it in any capacity as a MLB pitcher. Might happen with us, might happen with another team.

Also, I will glady eat all my words if he becomes a HOF Reliever. It will be a joy watching him and Zack Collins as the dynamic duo that will win us championships, set records and all that shit HOF’ers do.

Got a legit beef with me? Tweet at me. Think this is great? Share with your friends. Hate it? Tweet at me. I’ll gladly defend my position. Hope ya had a great holiday and many special thanks to everyone that showed up at our event on Dec 21st. We had a great time and will be doing plenty more in 2019. If you didn’t show, hit the next one! You miss that one though, and you don’t live in Canada, fuck you.



12 Days of 108mas: Merry Christmas To Me

Back in the day, had to have been early spring, I remember the Moore twins showing up to baseball practice both wearing the fantastic 1983 White Sox jerseys. It is burned into my mind, and like most people, I love that jersey. It’s either beloved or hated by everyone. But going with that, these guys were synonymous with those jerseys too.

I own a few ’83 jerseys, most recently I bought a Jeff Samardzija Cool Base one at SoxFest for $15. I was intending to change the name, but I got lazy. Plus when people see me in it they say 2 things. 1 – Man, Jeff really let himself go and 2 – I had no idea Jeff has retired. But fuck that guy. As much as I coveted a White Sox jersey from this time period, I really wanted the stuffed versions of Ribbie and Roobarb.

To quote a wise old looking man, here’s the thing, I had never seen these guys in person. I maybe had seen them on TV, but I knew their run at the park was less than spectacular. Lotta folks were crazy upset that a rando dressed like a clown was being upstaged by these fellas.

Side Note – I never met Andy The Clown. He might have been a great guy. A nice guy. Great with kids. I am just saying, that the track record for random clowns in Chicago isn’t the best.

Needless to say, as my father never took me to old Comiskey, I never saw these guys. And I seriously doubt I would have been able to swing the stuffed animal set from my father. As the refrain at every sporting event that we went to as a kid was “The game is the treat” (something that I am sure my daughters will never hear as I find it hard to deny them anything that costs less than a beer). So I grew up with no set of Ribbie and Roobarb stuffed animals.

When I moved to Bridgeport, I started my White Sox bobblehead collection. It’s dope AF, but that is another topic all together. In 2013, the White Sox made retail bobblehead versions of Ribbie and Roobarb. I loved them from the start. Talk to our guy Uncle Rico if you wanna see the prototype of Ribbie, he scored one from a damn gypsey. Spolier Alert – it looks exactly as the retail release. A guy took advantage of a new collector. What a POS. Anyways, here is what they look like –

Pretty badass, but this only made my fire for the stuffed versions grow larger. I started my fruitless journey for them back in 2013. I hit alot of thrift stores and I have never seen this twosome. Never. You see them from time to time on Ebay, but usually for $100+, not something I wanted to spend. Bums me out just thinking about it.

So anyways, while on Ebay a few weeks back, I spotted a pair for $65. Ribbie was pretty dirty, Roobarb was brand new, but what the fuck right? I offered the guy a fair price and never heard back from him. Foiled again!

Then, like a Christmas miracle, he contacted me a week ago accepted my offer (and even though he took his sweet ass time sending them) I am now a proud owner of the set. Which is awesome, cause my Spuds MacKenzie (The Original Party Animal) stein was getting lonely.

Merry Christmas from all of us at the 108! We appreciate your support and take this time to catch up with our podcast! We have 6 episodes, which is about 14 hours of content to listen to. Go to where you download podcasts and look for “fromthe108” podcast. Or do like I do, Google that shit and download it that way.


12 Days of 108mas: The 5 – The MySoxSummer XMas List

Let’s keep this train a rolling by breaking down some things the White Sox can get me for Christmas. I know, you got a bunch of people to buy for and there’s some nice shinny things that you got your eye on, but don’t you…….forget about me.

If you haven’t, you should soon.

Daniel Palka as Hulk Bobblehead

2019 should be the year of “No More Lame Ass Bobbleheads”. It can be a thing, I’ll even make a hat if you want. We have to start promoting these players like no tomorrow. Let’s start with the least thought bobblehead that can be made immediatly. Listen, it’s simple. I even made a mock up for you, so you can’t even complain.

You wanna make it even better? Have this sonovabitch talk! Jason’s call for a homer will work. Simple.

New Intro Video

I know it’s weird to ask this, as we usually don’t see the intro video, but for the times that I am there I need some spice. You know what can make that video even better? Us. Section 108 guys pounding beers between Palka bombs and Yolmer Gatorade Showers. But if you aren’t into that…

Don’t do something cheesy, do something that commands some fucking respect. Show your best self White Sox. You know what would be really cool? Blare some goddamn local music that is hype. I would suggest Local H, but you do you White Sox. Maybe get the boys in Local H to mash up some shit with Chance and set that shit off. Make it fucking happen. Yo, if House of Pain and Helmet can make this masterpiece, I can only imagine what awaits us.


19oz Anti-Hero In The Seats – $10

Y’all know we like the beer. We also love Anti-Hero. Little known fact, at a meeting with Baderbrau last year, we begged them to make a 19oz Pilsner can to be sold in the seats. They were receptive, they were amped, but then we drank them outta business. Whoops. #OurBad

We’d like to get good beer to get blind drunk with, from the comfort of our seats. Isn’t that what most people want?

Now, if that isn’t gonna happen/possible, can we at least get the goddamn cans in the Xfinity Bar? 2018 we had to lumber our unfit asses up to the Revolution Bar to get 2 cans each and then exit said bar through the exit ramp. It is a trip we will make at the start of the game, but fucking no way we make in game. So help us help you. Simple.

1 Clothing Item That Fits Fat Guys

The Sox give away a buncha chit during the year most of that chit is dope. I ain’t gonna lie, the Sox give away several high end items. The one thing that is missing is the fat guy shirts. What’s insulting is they gave away a hawaiian shirt for 2 years straight, which is the standard fat guy party shirt.

Unless Wally$ is in need, I ain’t swinging up to the park early to get a free shirt. Mostly cause I can’t fit in that shit. I’d love one gate to be designated as the 2XL gate, giving  away at least 1 shirt that fits us fatties.

Now, maybe yous can bring back the Snuggie, which would be awesome in April or early May, but that seems like a cop out. The easy way.

I ain’t asking for a 2XL option for every shirt/ jacket / jersey giveaway, just 1. 1 fucking item. 1 time during the year. Make it a $1 dog night. Fucking simple. Me and the other fatties would love that and pay our respects to you and yours.

SIDEBAR – We have #108ing shirts in very extended sizes. Up to 6XL. No shit. You know how much the upcharge is on those sizes? $0. It costs as much as a medium. Or a small even. We pass that cost on to the skinny folk , but the shirt costs $25 shipped. No shit. Wanna buy one? Go here now!

Yes, they are sliming.


I have a Southwest credit card that, in 2015 for our wedding, I put a ton of stuff on JUST to get the points. We cashed some of those guys in a few weeks back to go to sunny Florida. It cost us $0 to fly there. It was created by money that I had to spend anyways, which is a fucking win win. Why the fuck don’t we get points when we spend money at the park to earn perks? It would be simple to do and people would love it.

Hey, fans showing up for 100 loss seasons should have some enticement to continue to show up besides the promise of maybe better baseball on the horizon. I mean shit, I’d love a goddamn electronic punch card that a vendor can scan to get me my points. Maybe even let my vendor rate me to earn extra points. Fuck, I don’t know, we sent a guy to the moon in the 60’s, there are much smarter people than me that can figure this shit out. Just get me some goddamn points.

What did I forget? Send it my way on the Twitters. And if I don’t follow you, apparently you just gotta ask and I will give you a follow. Let that be my Christmas present to you. Yep, I will follow you, Merry Christmas!


12 Days of 108mas: The 5 – Horny Christmas Jams

When I heard that people were all up in arms over “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” sounding a bit forward, I could only think of tons of other songs that are just oozing with way worse stuff than a guy trying to get some play.  So I present 5 xmas songs that seem much worse. 

5. Backdoor Santa – Clarence Carter

So, yeah.  I know, I thought anal too. But nope, it’s just a Santa that makes “all the little girls happy, While the boys are out to play”. Yo Santa, WTF?  Back in the day there was this sign that folks in my little town used to have all over the place – “Backdoor Guests Are Best” which we used to giggle about, but now you got a Backdoor Santa that keeps “some change in my pocket, in case the children are home. I give ’em a few pennies so that we can be alone”.  Guys, santa is boning your lady when you are out, even if the kids are home.  Holy shit.  

You might be thinking, “but I never hear this song MSS”.  You got a Goggle Home?  Ask it to play it, it comes right up.  Just like Backdoor Santa, fucking your girl.  



4. Mistress For Christmas – AC/DC

From the band that brought you “Big Balls” we got this diddy.  Not typically played during the holidays north of the Mason Dixon line, but listen to this gem. 

“Listen, I like female form in minimum dress
Money to spend with a capital S
Get a date with the woman in red
Want to be in heaven with three in a bed”

Yo, I got nothing against paying for sex, especially if it’s a 3 way and you look like Angus Young without the talent. You gotta do what you gotta do.  I am sure this song see regular rotation around the holidays on any “classic rock” radio station.  Maybe even the strip club circuit.   Good for the guys in AC/DC, they were drunk and said “The Americans are always asking for a Christmas song, so let’s do one all sexy like”.  And they came through.  With flying colors, especially with lines like – 

“I can hear you coming down my smoke stack
I want to ride on your reindeer honey and ring the bells”



3. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

This song just oozes sex.  Basically telling Santa she stopped whoring for a year so she deserves all this stuff.  A Sable. A ’54 Light Blue Convertible. A Yacht. Deed to a Platinum Mine. Duplex and (blank) Checks. Decorations from Tiffanys’. But before you get the wrong idea, she also wants a ring, so you can get her all these things and then marry her so she doesn’t look like a girl just whoring out there.  She’s a married lady, to Santa. She also says that she’ll be just as good next year if he just brings here all this stuff.  

So hell, maybe they have an agreement and all, but it sounds like Santa is getting played like a piano (surprised she didn’t ask for one of those too) for very little or no action.  Your call Santa, but I think you can do better.



2. Wit It This Christmas – Ariana Grande

Most of these songs are old school tunes, but here go Ariana Grande Davidson making a whole slow jam sex song about Christmas.  Yo, it’s not an awful song if you are into Ariana Grande Davidson, sounds like every other fucking song she has done. Fellas, if a girl puts this on for you while you are visiting for the holidays, you best be ready to put it down.  

She is basically throwing herself at the guy who happens to be over, which is really refreshing in comparison to the last song.  She even says that they don’t need presents, mistletoe, fireplace she just wants to keep ya warm.  You can be her drummer boy and she’s the only drum you gonna play.  Holla! She wants to know if you are down with “these milk and cookies” which I know many of yous out there answer with a resounding “Hells Yes”. 

Congrats to Ariana for knowing what she wants and isn’t afraid to broadcast it out there for all to see.  You are a special girl, just kinda fucked up what you did to that Pete Davidson guy.  Broke his heart and made him homeless in like an hour span.  You’re ruthless baby, but we wouldn’t change that for the world. 



1. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

It’s a fucking classic, but Jesus (tis the reason for the season), why we gotta whore out Mommy like that? Ya think mommy is a single mommy, but nope, the kid is gonna tell dad.  I don’t think daddy would laugh about it, especially not in the 50’s. And think how many women Santa has on his list for the night?  Lotta cookies and kissing.  Guy gonna get fat and sick AF.  

I just don’t like seeing women be portrayed as whores like this.  Especially with a fly-by-night fat guy (which we in the 108 kinda respect), but ya know.  I’ve never met the real Santa, maybe he’s suave as fuck, but you’d think it’d get around that he’s whoring at an all time high level on multiple continents.   

I know girls like the bad guys, but damn ladies, if you are married and the guy is presumably out working his ass off to provide for the family the least you can do is NOT make out with a fat bearded guy who hangs out with elves and is MARRIED himself! Have some fucking respect.


Got one that I missed?  Tweet that shit at me. 


2018 Giveaway Rankings / 2019 SoxFest Confirmed & Speculation

The Sox just announced the 2019 SoxFest bobblehead today, and it’s a beauty. DeWayne Wise, “The Catch”. Just admire it here.


So, I, MSS, decided to break down the best giveaways from the 2018 season. These are my rankings, and mine alone, as 75% of the 108 could really give a shit about getting to a game early to get a giveaway. I am including the special ticket giveaway for the bobbleheads too, as I really like those. So let’s get started!


In 2018, we saw some good bobbleheads. Started off with a SoxFest talking Ken “Hawk” Harrelson in his blue mod suit and cowboy hat. A mashup of some great outfits worn by “The Hawk”. But the Sox weren’t done, they dropped a Hawk Solo to start the bobblehead season off. Followed that with a HOF Jim Thome, IronMan and Tim Anderson in his ’83 uni. The Sox Charity bobblehead was a A.J. Pierzinski featuring fuzzy hair! Special ticket giveaways included a Tommy Hawk, Santa Claus and a Southpaw Grateful Dead statue.

Starting off with that Hawk really worked against the Sox in my view. That bobble talks and looks awesome. So here is my top 3 –

1.SoxFest Hawk


2.Tim Anderson


3.Tommy Hawk


I would put the Santa next, as it was pretty original. We got repeats with Thome and AJ, and the IronMan and Southpaw were recycles from other teams. I wasn’t impressed with them. The Hawk Solo was lame, IMO, but it was a forced movie tie in, so not their fault. It WAS rather punny.

The rest of these giveaways will fight each other to become the 2018 Giveaway Champion.

Shirts / Jersey / Pullover

The White Sox continued to give away a free t-shirt to the first 10k people on Thursdays, which is always nice. I don’t remember all those, but some highlights include – CTA 35th & Sox, Black Out, Bill Melton, Ricky’s Boys Don’t Quit, as well as many others. My fave was the Celebration Yolmer, and the concept of the Hawk shirt was really awesome, but it was made in China with an odd method of printing so it looks so weird. They had a nice (and from I could tell, roomy) ’83 road jersey they gave away, which kinda made up for the straight recycled soccer jersey (bleh). The 1/4 zip up was really nice too, and it is an item that my wife wears all the time. A welcomed change of pace from the regular stuff.


The Sox gave away 4 hats this year at the gate. It seemed like a bunch, which is fine and all, but they don’t fit my big melon. The winter hat was a beanie which I wore with pride! It was really nice. As was the sporty grey hat they gave away too. Those two were really good. They tried to do a snapback, which most folks loved, but it was kinda cheap looking for me. But again, it was a solid effort. I wasn’t a fan of the hawaiian hat either, but folks loved it, so kudos to Brooks and staff.

Oddball Shit

Last year it was the Hawk Alarm Clock. In 2018, it was the onesie. Yep, an adult onesie was easily the oddest thing that the Sox gave away this year. Which was awesome if you are normal sized. I know Chorizy cuddles up in one while he reads Baseball Prospectus in front of a warm fire. The Hawk Harrelson nesting dolls were way cool too. The ’93 pennant was not that cool. I would have loved to have seen a 90’s character drawing of the team, but alas it was not in the cards. The 90’s had some awesome sports items, why not bring those back? Remember the wicked posters back in the day? Jim McMahon chawing a corn cob pipe declaring he would return? Motherfucker was full door size. Or even the Chicago Vice poster with Walter Payton? Holding a fucking UZI? I mean goddamn. We need, we fucking demand, that we get a Palka as the Hulk poster next year. Maybe a Palka as Hulk for the Marvel tie in. Just fucking do it.

2018 Giveaway Champion Tier – NEXT 4

5. Adult Onesie – It was unique enough to win 5th place.


4. 1/4 Zip Pullover – Following up the full zip hoodie last year was gonna be tough. The Sox aced this test my friends.


3. Silver Hat – Unique and doesn’t even look like a giveaway. People would pay money for it. Easy.


2. Winter Beanie – Hip and cool plus it’s big enough for all head sizes. A quality item that all fans can enjoy.



1. 1983 Road Jersey – It was a great idea to bring back this jersey that about everyone loved. Kudos to the Sox for not making it white, it’s fucking sharp as a grey and is really for the fans.


2019 Speculation

So what can they do to have a great 2019? 2019 will be the 60th Anniversary of the 1959 Go Go White Sox. ‘Member those guys? Had some wicked ass jerseys and hats. Let’s bring those back. Let’s also make a goddamn Luis Aparicio bobblehead. If not that, the dual Fox / Aparicio statue will be just fine. Bobbles “Uncle Rico” Jim would blow his load Randy Marsh style when he get’s that email. That guy REALLY wants the rest of the statues.


If we are gonna stick with some of the same old theme nights, Star Wars, Marvel Super Hero Night, Beatles Night, Grateful Dead Night, Bulls and Hawks, let’s switch it up. I’d be bobble heavy on any of those nights as I love bobbles, but here are a few different ideas.

For the Beatles, the guys played one of their few US shows AT COMISKEY PARK. How have the Sox not tapped that resource? I’d love a replica stadium with the stage on the field that can play a song. Or a t-shirt with the ticket stub on it. A mini 4 person bobble would be best, but we can work up to that.


I’d also love to see Southpaw as a Jerry Bear for Dead night. Or even a black and silver Jerry Bear. The Dead items have been solid so far, so I believe in you Sox. Just don’t do a dumb hat.

Marvel is simple, Palka. That’s it, make him Hulk. The bobble can even talk with Jason saying “Palka Smash!” He’s got a bunch in the tank, so let’s just honor him now.

Star Wars, I’d retire that shit to be honest. Give it a year or two to breathe. When Kopech is our ace, make him a Jedi.

Let’s keep it fresh for 2019 and float some new stuff out there White Sox. The fans will love it and it will distract us if we lose another 100 games.

Pissed? Have an idea? Tweet it at me @mysoxsummer


PS – On Nov 30th we have a benefit trivia night in honor of our friend who passed this year. Tickets are available here , so get a team together and buy some tickets. It’s $60 a person but that INCLUDES beer, wine and cocktails. You can do some #108ING on the cheap. And if you are smart, you’ll win fantastic prizes.

PPS – On Dec 21st we’ll be hosting the 1st stop of the #108ING Tour with our good buddies SoxMachine. It’s free as fuck and will be at Lo Rez Brewing. It’s Festivus themed so bring that anger and let lose while drinking unique craft beers in Pilsen. We’ll have swag to giveaway and for purchase. Bring your crew and get fucked up with us.

PPPS – ALSO, Black Friday is upon us and YES we will have a deal on our merch site. Keep an eye on our Twitter for a code that will unlock the special of the day! If we have any left, they will be available on Cyber Monday too! But go there today and check out our merch. We got stuff for a hard to buy for hard drinking White Sox fan. Orders of $50 or more, get a free gift. You spend $100 (or close to it) you get several free gifts. The hoodies keep ya nice and toasty. They are also dope AF.

#108ing At Sesame Street Live (with Bobbles Jim a.k.a. Gobbles Jim a.k.a. Uncle Rico?)

Many, many moons ago, bobbleheads brought together myself and Bobbles Jim. Since then we have both had 2 kids (Girls 3 – Boys 1), completed our collections of team issued White Sox bobbles and spent countless hours in line at SoxFest and Sox games. We’ve also had at least 5 beers together (Bobbles Jim doesn’t really drink like a 108’er).

Bobbles Jim wants to be called Uncle Rico from now on. His wife says if you change it, it should be Gobbles Jim. Make your voice heard on our 108 Poll!

Having girls that are months apart, we are kinda on the same curve of things they like to do, plus our wives like each other! So my wife reached out to Mrs. Bobbles to see if she wanted to go to Sesame Street Live. When the topic was brought up to me, I thought I was exempt from said event, but apparently I was lumped in cause Bobbles Jim was going to go. It was inked on the calendar.

Have you ever been to Sesame Street live before? I hadn’t and I might not ever go again. I had however, way back in the day, went to Smurf’s Ice Capades. Google that shit for some creepy videos. Anyways….


Tickets WERE NOT cheap. $32 for the CHEAP seats up top, $75 for the “experience” seats. We opted for the cheap seats that then included a $8.05 venue fee per ticket, so if you are playing at home, a ticket cost as much as 4 Corona Lights at Sox Park. Family of 3, cost us $120 to get in the door. But wait, $15 bucks to park! So $135 to get into the show. That is about 20 Sox games in the cheap seats, but no Elmo. Southpaw, but no Elmo.


Upon entry we had been warned that there were multiple booths to buy just about anything your heart desired that was SS related. My daughter thankfully was pretty stoked just to be there so we walked to the seats without paying $35 for a light up bubble wand. The show started and Little Miss Shortstop was going bananas. It was worth every penny for her, no shit. Even the new kid (LMS’s sister) was getting into it. I was shocked.

During intermission, cause you have to be given a bathroom break to go buy more stuff, my daughter noticed a guy selling cotton candy. LMS loves cotton candy since Uncle Loaf bought some for Bonita Steakie and she happily shared it with LMS. It got her through a 9 inning game, so it’s like coffee to her. Bobbles Jim had broke down and bought a bag of popcorn ($7) and a Cookie Monster Cup ($15). So he was $22 in. I declared I was going to buy a $11 bag of cotton candy, but actually found out it was $12. But you got a FREE FOAM CAP with your $12 purchase. The vendor apologized for the price, but I decided to tip him anyways only after he assured me that he got to keep his tip. LMS was thrilled and Bobbles Jim’s little girl got to try cotton candy for the first time too. Win-win in my book.

Pink and blue cotton candy

The second half of the show LMS was pretty distracted by the cotton candy to get too much into the show. Until I took it away from her, then she was dancing away. Luckily she was distracted long enough not to notice that the character she dislikes the most, Abby, used magic (which is why LMS dislikes her) to make it stop raining. She doesn’t like wizardry, and I don’t blame her. The show ended and we went on our merry way to Hooters, the family restaurant chain.

By now you are saying why did you even write this blog MSS? 2 reasons. 1 – It was a fun family outing that was made possible by White Sox baseball. 2 – To illustrate how cheap it actually is to go to a White Sox game.

SIDE NOTE – I would have no issue if PBS was running these events and the money raised went directly to fund the shows. No way in hell that happens. Some asshole, who for sure hates kids, makes piles of money on his muppet slaves. Sad, so sad.

Fans of our fave baseball squad love to complain about price but guess what? On Sundays, you can take a family of 4, to a game, for $30. Tickets and parking, a far cry from $135 for the 3 of us to attend SSL. Even if you buy food there, you still wouldn’t get that close to $135. In this day and time everything is expensive, but I still find $30 for 4 tickets and parking a hell of deal. And before you even say it, yeah, it’s the cheap seats, when is the last time you actually sat in your seat at Sox Park? Come on man.


So take advantage of those cheap tickets in 2019 while you still can. I feel like they will go the way of the dodo when this team get’s good. And go see Sesame Street Live if you wanna see people trying to buy their kids love with cheap toys from China. It’s a blast to see my daughter freak the fuck out seeing a giant blue creature smashing cookies like her dad does when she is in bed.


The 5 – The 5 Things Daniel Palka Can Do In The Offseason

The 2018 White Sox season is over.  Checking some social media accounts, it seems to be pretty awesome for some players.  But our guy Daniel Palka is gonna be bored fam.  I know it.  A guy built to just crush stuff get’s bored when he can’t crush stuff.  I decided to come up with a little list of things he could consider doing in the offseason.


5 – Help his brother’s landscaping company by chopping down trees.

Dan’s brother runs a landscaping company in Nantucket.  Yep Nantucket, from all the dirty ass limericks.  It’s a pretty fancy place and Matt helps keep it beautiful.  I am sure he’ll need help coming up soon and who better to remove trees that a guy who swings a bat at speeds unknown to most men.  Dan is cleaner running that any chainsaw and I am guessing way more efficent.  Plus I know the ladies of the 108 wanna see Dan in a flannel, swinging an axe in freshly fallen snow.  Make it happen fellas.



4 – Watch My Kids.

I mean who wouldn’t wanna trade a fun filled lifestyle for 2 sweet girls that smile all the time? Little Miss Shortstop says you are her 2nd favorite player behind Tim Anderson, so that should help you get her to eat her damn peanut butter sandwich.  She is also almost potty trained so that is a huge plus.  Less diapers! Chasing after her day in and out I am pretty sure is equivalent to running after chickens so you can gain that speed you might need in right field in 2019.

Also, for selfish reasons, I kinda need a break to explore some 108 avenues that I can’t really do with 2 kids.  So you would be doing the world a favor by raising the younger generation and helping get the 108 bigger and bigger.  Seems like a win win.  So what’s in it for you?

Well, you can eat anything in the fridge you want.  We have premium cable. We have a CostCo membership so we are always flush with awesome snacks too.  I have a really nice chair that is great for napping during the 3rd episode of Paw Patrol after a long night of #108ing with the boys.  Anything else?  I will even pay you cash, thinking $10 and hour if you do chores while the girls sleep, which is always great.  We even have an extra room you can stay in to save money on rent, but that would negate the $10 an hour.  We ain’t made of money sir.


3 – Start an Air Mail Delivery Service.

Fuck drones, we want Dans.  Can we create a “Palka Smash Proof” container to protect your valuables while Dan swings away and sends a package your way?  I don’t know, we got electric cars and we went to the moon so anything is possible in my eyes.  Can you send messages? Yes.  Can you send a pizza? No.  I think it would be limited to size of item, maybe fit inside a baseball, but distance would be no issue at all.  The guy crushes balls.  Plus the novelty of having Palka deliver your wedding ring to your wife while you are at dinner, on the couch, whenever, would far outweight the costs to replace the window he just broke.


2 – Create your own peer to peer driving service.

Don’t like the politics behind Uber or Lyft?  Are you a big White Sox fan?  Would you pay extra to get driven to work by Palka? OF COURSE YOU FUCKING WOULD. How badass would it be to have some clubhouse chat with your favorite 2018 Breakout Star Daniel Palka while you are in the back of a Nissan Altima ?  Pretty fucking #Dope right?  I thought so.

If this goes well, you could get some some of the other guys on board to join Palka’s crew! How great would it be to have Yoan Moncada pick you up and you can both complain about how the ups fuck him over every chance they get! Or talk to Adam Engel about all the homers he has robbed.  Or even Yolmer Sanchez. You could get into his ride and tell you all about keeping it fun.



1 – Whatever he did last offseason cause it fucking worked. 

The best idea behind watching my kids.  Let’s be honest, after such a dismal season one of the bright points was watching this kid crush balls, talk shit on his teammates and give the best damn interviews since Brian Wilson.  Palka > Wilson though as Dan is way less creepy than Brian.  Why did this happen? I have no idea.  I don’t know his offseason workout plan.  And that is how it should be, secret.  We don’t need multiple Palkas out there, especially in the AL Central.

Keep doing what you are doing Dan, cause it fucking worked in 2018.  You made our year in the 108, and we loved help spreading the Gospel of Palka across the internets.  Thanks for making #108ing legit and for just being you sir.  We can’t wait for SoxFest and the 2019 season.  Gonna be full of Palka and that is how it should be.



The 5 – 5 Things To Enjoy This Weekend

Allow me to reintroduce myself…….

Welcome to FRI-YAY Folks! It’s been a minute, but I am MySoxSummer. Been a bit busy shipping out all these #108ing shirts to all you lovely fans (available here)! And raising some kids. That takes up most my time.


The final weekend series is upon us, starts today. 6 games left to see our beloved team that has really taken alot out of us this year. There were very few things to cheer for this year, but 2 words, Daniel Palka. You killed it man. You ARE the southside. A grinder. A baller. And funny as fuck. Thanks for 2018 man, you really made our year in the 108.

I went to get some tickets yesterday and lamented to Box Office Jimmy that I was bummed that the Cub(e)s were our last weekend series. He seemed to share my feelings. Most years we in the 108 sell these tickets. It’s a game that you can actually sell for more than face which is pretty nice! But it being a weekend series and the last one in 2018, we are all in for Saturday and Sunday. So if you are headed to the games this weekend here are 5 things to enjoy!


1- CrossTown Wasted.

Y’all hear that we are throwing down with SoxOn35th this Saturday? Well we are! It’s tomorrow. In Lot B. At 3:30pm. Ya know what the best thing is? YOU DON’T NEED A FUCKING TICKET TO GO TO THE TAILGATE! You need not pay a crazy price to see a baseball game to get kinda wasted with your favorite White Sox twitter friends! Also Johnnie Nonnie and BeefLoaf are known to fully stock coolers for insane parties. So the High Life and the Busch Light will be ice cold and flowing. No excuses folks, no excuses.


2- Sweater Weather.

As a fat guy, the weather is looking DOPE AF. Mid 60’s is the HIGH for Saturday. Will I wear jeans? Unlikely. But maybe I won’t sweat like a whore in church all game. You know what is perfect to do in mid 60’s temp? DRINK A BUNCHA BEER. It will be pleasant out which we deserve. Baseball in this kinda weather is pretty awesome too. We can also imagine it’s 2023 and we are gunning for that Wild Card or trying to lock up a division. #TrustTheProspects

3- Cub(e)s Fans.

I know, some of them are fucking awful. We wanna short sell them on baseball knowledge, which is sometimes is deserved. But do we really wanna paint the whole fanbase based on a few people? Do we really?


Listen, in a few short years, we’ll be back and most likely they will be down. Maybe they won’t. Fuck, maybe we won’t. But I am kinda tired of the constant Sox vs Cub(e)s hate. So let’s act like the brothers that hate each other but we both love their mom (baseball). We can act civil for holidays, like this weekend, for mom.

So maybe, just maybe if you have a good interaction with a fan from the north you offer to buy him a beer. Maybe that fan will see your move and buy you one back. Let’s all be the better fan(s). Maybe?

4- Beer. Brats. Baseball.

This is what it is all about. Don’t think about how fucking awful long the lines will be this weekend, or the lack of space, or how shitty the service will likely be, think about how great that brat will taste. And really don’t think about how long that line will be to get a fancy beer, but rather enjoy a Bud Light or Corona Light or Modelo cause really that pairs just as well as the fancy beer. Plus they deliver that beer! Also, take care of those guys. They were out there when you weren’t, so tip them well. For baseball, like the McRib, is limited time only. It will be back, much like the McRib, but not for awhile. So fucking enjoy all of these B’s.


5- 11am Sunday Soak.

That’s right, wake up (hungover) with the boys in the 108. The Monsters of the Midway will be rolling after the game, so we want you to watch that. We also think the possibility of someone puking in the tub is very likely. Well, just me really. The other guys rarely puke. So make sure to tune in at 11am to watch the last regularly scheduled soak. There will be other soaks, maybe around Bears games, but nothing is on the books.

We are looking forward to this last party with all you crazy folks. Make sure to come and say hi in these final games. If you wanna save $5 And want a shirt, send me a DM on Twitter. Stay hydrated my friends.


Why is everyone trying to steal our shine?

A few years ago we started this blog and we named it From The 108, duh, cause that is where we sit.  The number 108 was based solely on the section that we reside and that was it.  Over the years the #108ing hashtag was developed, we did some work with Tyler Saladino, Todd Frazier and now our new power-crush Daniel Palka.  Daniel Palka has taken the #108ing to the next level, much like his sound-barrier-shattering homers (with their Paul Walker Death Ride (shout out to Chorizy) velocity). It’s been pretty amazing for us in 2018, so it’s no wonder so many people are trying to steal our shine.  For your older folks, shine is exactly what you think it is.  Our glow of doing well, our glisten and sparkle. It’s a good thing, and much like Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase, people done want it.


Who are the biggest offenders?  Without question it’s the boys up north.  Is it any shocker that they took 108 years to win a World Series AFTER we got the 108 name out there to the masses?  Fuck no.  Lazy ass Cubes.  That was bad, but last week we were alerted by Armand’s Pizza that the Cubes were trowing shade at us in a “hype” video on their new scoreboards.  Have no idea what I am talking about?  WTF? Read our Twitter!





Editor’s Note – Maybe the Cubes should spend more time explaining to their fanbase that the game is for the kids, not you, you grown ass man stealing a ball from a kid.  You might have gotten your ass kicked at G rate. Not just sayin, we sayin. 


Glad there was a happy ending for the kid.  Not that type of happy ending #Wally$.  Jeesh. 

Also, several people have come out and said that the guy actually gave the kid a ball already.  Several (I assume Russian) bots have said yes, that’s true.  Even huge asshole Dave Kaplan said to get over it.  Whatever Dave, suck our balls.


I think Trump should look into this, I think they (Cubes-Stream Media) is whitewashing this story. 

Are there other offenders than the Cubes?  FUCKING DUH. Would I write an entire blog just bashing the Cubes?  YES. But that’s not the point.

Enter Kane County Cougars and beer maker Tangled Roots. What is their new beer offering out there in Kane County? 108 Double Stitch Ale. Coincidence?  FUCK NO. What makes it even more insulting is that it’s beer and we FUCKING LOVE BEER.  They peddle some bullshit that there are 108 stitches in a baseball, but we all know the real reason why they used the 108 number.  FUCKING US.  BEER AND BASEBALL = FROM THE 108.  WHO DOESN’T FUCKING KNOW THAT?  You dicks.  Now, this is one of the few that could make this up to us and send us some 108 beer so we can determine if we are ok with you using our shine. Capiche?


So we are looking your way Tangled Roots Brewery. Make like Spike and #DoTheRightThing.


Wintrust Bank uses the 108 name too, but since it’s Sox related I will let that slide.  But you have to admit to yourself (and to me) that you had no idea that there were 108 stitches in a baseball before you knew of our blog.  We were the chicken and the egg.  We were 1st, no fucking question.

What’s my point here?  We are the originals, the OG’s.  And you should have no problem supporting us through your tweets using #108ing when you are doing something wicked awesome usually while drinking mass amounts of alcohol.  We’d like you to use ride share programs of course or walk your drunk ass home.  That’s the 108 way!

Keep tweeting your #108ing photos at us and tag us in all your exploits!  And fellas the ladies are even getting in on the movement, which is really awesome.  Let’s try not to scare them away.  We know some single guys that need a good Sox fan lady in their life.  Especially our buddy Gabe.  He just wants a girl to enjoy baseball and football with.  if you are that lady, tweet at him here! He’s fucking crazy quick with White Sox and Bears trivia, THAT’S WHY HE’S THE MUTHAFUCKING CHAMP! What’s not to love?





Have you seen anyone trying to use the 108 shine for themselves?  We know you’ll tweet it at us and we appreciate it.  And please make sure that if you wanna show the world that you love #108ing and everything about it, feel free to purchase an OFFICIAL #108ing shirt right the fuck here! This is what it looks like –


And it will be shipped to your door in a few days for only $25.  We have limited sizes remaining, but we’ll do another order.  We’d like to teach the world to 108…


Peace, Love & 108.