White Sox Run Club Bio: Father Sean (@sean_janko)

Another avid runner and loyal participant to the #WhiteSoxRunClub is Father Sean.  Sean helps hold down the fort as a White Sox fan representative in Des Moines.  You may have once seen Sean on your TV during a White Sox broadcast as he is a one time #SoxMathWinner.  

How long have you been running for? 

I have been running since the 6th grade. I also ran 2 years in college, Go Bees! (Saint Ambrose University)

How in the world did you get into running? 

When I transferred to a new school in 6th grade, the coach came up to me and asked if I wanted to run, and I said sure. He was my coach for six years and I was a two time state qualifier in Cross Country, and an All-Conference 2-Miler.  

Running Shoe:

“The Saucony Ride 13”

Favorite Running Route:

This is a local route I like around my neighborhood.

Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to during your runs?  

My favorite playlist is my favorite songs on Spotify. Everything from Panic at the Disco, to Dave Matthews to Eminem to select songs from Hamilton.  

What advice do you have for other White Sox Run Club participants about running or staying active? 

Take as much time as you want. You only have time for 10 minutes, then do a workout for 10 minutes. Just do something.

2022 White Sox Bold Prediction: 

Yoan Moncada will be part of the 20/20 club this year.

Dylan’s performance last night inspired me to get closer to my goal of a 9:45 training pace. Was going for opening day, but maybe I can get there by my 1st home game on Apr 14th #whitesoxrunclub

#whitesoxrunclub done! 121 miles since January! We👏🏻Will👏🏻Not👏🏻Stop!!! Shouts to @BrewHandLuke 4 being that voice for us runners & congrats #firstlady of #wst @aliwhitesox 4 getting us to #OpeningDay2023 securing the #108Tourney bag! 4Eva @fromthe108 from #Dayton #LFG @whitesox

Haven’t been posting my progress on it but I finished the last 4 miles of the #whitesoxrunclub today
108 miles ✔️
(More like #whitesoxwalkclub since I’m doing my incline training)

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