White Sox Run Club: January Highlights

The first month of the 108 Mile Challenge is officially in the books.  It has been very exciting to see some very dedicated runners already complete their 108 miles.  Additionally, it has been very entertaining to see how many miles everyone logs while they’re at work.  I especially have appreciated seeing updates from our favorite mail carriers, Mailman Jack and Joe Latham.  Give both of these mailmen a follow and see what they’re up to!  As a reminder:  any mileage is better than no mileage, continue to log those miles in any way shape or form and document it.  Here are just a few more highlights from the past month for you to enjoy:

A Kelly Wunsch Endorsement

Occasionally I will post a picture of a White Sox player or alumni in my mileage updates that tie in to said players number and how many miles I have remaining.  As I crossed the 65 mile barrier the first player I thought of was Kelly Wunsch.  Naturally, as I post the players picture, I tag them in the post.  However, the former White Sox sidearm reliever and 2000 AL Central Division Champion, took time out of his day to see the tweet and reply with his support.  Will other players, current or former, notice and also take note and chime in?  Only one way to find out!  Thanks for the support, Kelly!

BeefLoaf Creates Artwork 

BeefLoaf is hard at work with the #108WeightLoss challenge and continues to get some quality walking miles in.  However, it has come to my attention that Beef “accidentally” became an artist in the process.  Just take a look at all of the forms of art that Beef has created, something tells me he drew  this up on a white board like his basketball coach at De La Salle back in the day.  (BeefLoaf played basketball at De La Salle, in case you didn’t know).  One does not just “randomly” walk a route that looks like an uninterested human, a toilet, or a part of the male anatomy.  Nice work by Beef to display his artwork skills to go along with his mileage! 

Unprotected Sox Did Something (@SoxUnprotected)

Unprotected Sox is hard at work doing some sort of mileage.  “UPS” has delivered his support to the #WhiteSoxRunClub and was a loyal member last year as well with participating in the 108 mile challenge.  Keep up the great work, UPS.  Here’s a spreadsheet with numbers that UPS posted and claiming January to be his bitch.  

I have no idea what any of these numbers mean or what the mileage or anything was, but congrats on your goal or whatever! 

Continue to use #WhiteSoxRunClub in your tweets.  Keep an eye out for more updates as well as some other cool, new blogs on the horizon!  

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-Brew Hand Luke

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