White Sox Run Club: Mid January Update

The first two and a half weeks of the White Sox Run Club have been incredible to track and see everyone’s progress.  Keep up the great work, everyone!  When I started this 108 mile challenge as well as the run club I never envisioned it ballooning with so many hopping on board.  Every time I search #WhiteSoxRunClub I continue to see more people joining in as well as seeing some incredible progress from all involved.  In the first bit of news to this update, I just want to clarify a few things that many people continue to ask:

  • All are welcome to join at any point in time.  It does not matter if you are late to the game with starting your 108 miles.  Get involved and interact and have fun!
  • All miles count: you can walk them all if you want or run them all.
  • I have established a biking equivalent of 324 miles (3 miles biked= 1 mile walked/ran.) If you choose to bike your miles, go for it!  We want you on board!  
  • If you choose to do something completely bizarre like My Sox Summer and use a rowing machine to count your miles, go for it. (There’s actually multiple people using a rowing machine, WTF?)

Now that we’ve established those reminders, I wanted to highlight some of the best tweets and stories that I’ve seen early on from the 108 mile challenge.  I will continue to periodically feature some of my favorite tweets that people have shared using #WhiteSoxRunClub in their tweets with a quick few words to acknowledge their hard work or the cool sites that they have come across.  

Ray Lewis (@Ray_Lewis67)

This is one of the first tweets that stood out to me.  I’ve never met Ray but from what I can see this is a young man with lots of motivation and energy.  Instead of running 108 miles before opening day, Ray is running 432 miles!  I am very excited to track Ray’s progress and I appreciate that he is dedicating every 108 mile check point on his journey to different people, including @108Morton.  Give Ray a follow and see how his mileage is progressing.   

Larry (@ihave5broats)

I have interacted with Larry quite a bit.  Larry is funny, he also seems to change whatever the heck his twitter username is way too much for me to keep up with whatever it is.  To my knowledge, Larry has been participating in the 108 mile challenge.  Clearly you can see he still keeps up with #108ing while getting his miles in.  Although, one must ask:  Is Larry actually logging any miles??  That treadmill is awfully dusty and he didn’t use #WhiteSoxRunClub in the original tweet.  Keep up the good work, Larry!  (or something)  Give Larry a follow for questionable mileage updates and other entertaining tweets.  

WST Mom (@oocupcakejoy)

I couldn’t help but notice every post that WST Mom has made is very scenic.  WST Mom has been living it up on the Florida beaches and getting a whole bunch of walking miles in with some beautiful sites away from the brutal Chicago cold and snow that we encounter in January.  WST Mom is crushing the mileage and the sites of the Florida beaches and sunsets have been very soothing.  Check out the sunset time lapse from one of WST Mom’s most recent walks in the above tweet.  Also, make sure to check out all of WST Mom’s posts about #WhiteSoxRunClub and hopefully find some motivation.  

Steve-O (@drunkchisoxfan)

If you aren’t following Steve-O yet, then give him and his co-host from the Sons of Hahnarchy Podcast, Tommy a follow.  Steve-O and Tommy are both involved in their own side bet on the 108 mile challenge which involved donating to charity with any mileage over 108 miles.  Not only is this a friendly competition for a good cause, it helps to keep them both motivated.  Steve-O could probably run all 108 miles in 24 hours, so it’s great to see him giving Tommy a fighting chance with this one. 

The White Sox Run Club and the 108 mile challenge have evolved way more than I could have ever envisioned and I absolutely love seeing everyone’s updates.  Keep sharing all of your mileage, pics, and stories in tweets using #WhiteSoxRunClub and/or #108WeightLoss as we move along.

-Brew Hand Luke   

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