The One Hitter…….Tim Anderson

This is the One Hitter, just a quick thought or two about a topic from your friends at the 108…..remember, don’t forget to exhale.
Tim Anderson‘s glove work has been subpar this season, I don’t think anyone in the White Sox fan community can debate that.  The people with pocket protectors and spreadsheets would tell you the same.  He also hasn’t improved his walk rate and until a few weeks ago, he wasn’t driving the ball either.  I for one am not worried in the least bit.
Sometimes as fans we expect the players on the teams we root for to be robots who perform at their absolute best at all times.  Of course, the players on our favorite teams are also people just like us (well, not JUST LIKE US, they are mostly better looking, in better shape and have a lot more money, but you get the idea) in that they have personal lives and those personal lives spill into their work performance.  Think about times when you went to work hungover, your performance probably sucked.  That’s just a small example.  This season already Tim has had two major life events that have to have an effect on him.  First, he signed a life changing contract extension that changes him from, making good money for now, to having plenty of money for the rest of his life.  Second, he had a very close personal friend die unexpectedly.  I am not capable of figuring out the effect on performance that these types of personal events have, but I’d be willing to bet that we’ll begin seeing Tim Anderson’s progression as a player ramp up again either in the 2nd half of 2017 or in 2018.
– BeefLoaf

The 5 – We need a HERO! Who will fill the void of Matt “El Nino” Albers

Two months into the season, the 108’ers are still looking for someone to fill the void of our group favorite from 2016, Matt “El Nino” Albers.  It is hard to replace a man with such passion for the game and with such an amoebic frame.   Let’s take a look at the early candidates………..

R.I.P. Big Buddy.

Tyler Saladino – Truth be told, last year’s utility man and friend of the 108 #southsidestachemen would be the no brainer choice here, but then a few things happened.  1) His bat got cold a few weeks into the season. Even though he was still the steady glove man at every position, he was in and out of the lineup more. Thus we didn’t get to #raisethestache for him as much.  2) He fucked up his back and landed on the DL.  Now, if you are really super colorful and insane, we can still cheer for Tyler on the DL, but it doesn’t always work out.  We still have HIGH HOPES for Tyler, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  Get well soon buddy.



Derek Holland – I would say he’s the leader in the clubhouse right now. He acts the fool all the time and has been producing on the field.  Look, this is a rebuild and as long as Derek takes the ball every 5 days, he can have a James Shields start every so often and it won’t hurt his status as a 108 fave.  Just look at Matt Albers track record last year from about May 15th on (save for that faithful day in Flushing Meadows).



Tommy Kahnle – This fella right here has been disgustingly good, but that’s not why he’s on this list.  A few weeks ago, another former Colorado Rockies player LaTroy Hawkins deemed him “the worst teammate EVER”.  Now, when you take a look at Mr. Kahnle, I can’t help but agree with Paul Sporer that he has a very punchable face, but let’s walk this comment back to it’s source for a minute.  LaTroy Hawkins, I remember LaToya when he was here in Chicago, with the Cubs and boy did this mutherfucker cry about every goddamn thing.  I immediately thought to myself any player who would want to punch LaToya in the face is fine by me and deserves consideration for 108 fave.


Avisail Garcia – Everyone’s favorite this year (so far) but was roundly hated every single year before that. Much like the kid with an undiagnosed learning disability, Avi seems to have fixed the issue and is making up for lost time.  Location is great for the 108 (our front porch if you will) and love of the BBW women makes it a no brainer. However, his increasing batting average and popularity is something to consider, but he’ll always be our eskimo brother, like Prince. 


Yolmer Sanchez – Now here’s a guy who already has quite a bit of love from White Sox twitter, but needs to be in the running.  Not only has he  been stroking the ball on the field, but he’s an incredulous goof off of the field.  You can’t be on White Sox twitter for 5 mins without seeing a crazy gif of him.  He’s probably a little more in the Melky Cabrera camp in that we can’t claim him for our own, but when he’s going good, boy is he fun to watch.



Melky Cabrera – Truth be told….we can’t include Melky here.  He’s everyone’s favorite. It would be unfair for us to choose him, plus he plays LF and is basically is far away from the 108 as any player on the diamond.  That being said, we are going to miss him when he ends up on a contender in August.

Let us know who you think should be the new FAVE of the 108. Tweet it at us at @fromthe108.

– BeefLoaf & MSS (kinda, the ‘Loaf did all the heavy lifting)


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The MLB Draft

As much time as the 108ers spend roaming around high school and college campuses, we don’t know much at all about what’s going on baseball-wise there.  I can see Curtis Granderson Field from my window, but I’ve never seen a UIC game.  So now it’s time for you, the die hard White Sox fan, to admit you also know nothing about this.

I am sure over the next few days, we’ll seen an abundance of tweets about who the Sox should or should not draft.  There are experts and they are fun to read.  But we are not them. 

So next week please, please, please don’t get all emotional over who gets drafted.  Instead, here’s a gif from the time the Sox drafted Courtney Hawkins.  Enjoy!


The REAL Most Annoying Fan Base

I read what Chorizy-E and Beefloaf had to say about annoying fan bases.

Chicago Cubs – Yep, I am going against the grain especially in the year after the Cubs finally did something to make their fans talk shit. In the 11 years since the magical season of 2005 the Cubs have shit the bed many times. It took a solid 10 years for the ’05 11-1 run buzz to wear off (for me) and with the careers ending for Mark, Pauly and A.J. the suck on the southside has returned. But why does this matter? Cause now the Cubs have a championship and the Sox, until this year, have been treading water. I am sick of seeing Cubs gear on the southside for one simple reason, YOUR TEAM PLAYS LIKE 5 MILES AWAY, GO UP THERE. As we detailed in a Twitter post, we had a jagaloon opening weekend at Chi Sox Bar and Grill that was sleeping at the bar in full Cubs gear. He woke up when the place erupted after the Brew Crew defeated the mighty Cub and chastised us not from waking him from his slumber, but rather that we were cheering for a one time division rival. Wut? He talked mad shit till we informed him where he was and where he should go. His buddies loved it. This whole rebuilding process that the Cubs struck World Series gold with has made everyone with WGN an expert in baseball. If I had a dollar for every time I have gotten unsolicited advice from a Cubs fan we could buy some hits. I write a blog, I don’t have ins with the team. Yet. And what is frustrating is that 90% of the fan base wanted the Sox to sell and rebuild since 2013.

Sox / Cubs games are amateur hour full of jagoffs, both sides. Excessive drinking, fights, dumb chants, wave, shit talking, ugh, take me away! What makes it even worse is the damn Cubs have a seemingly good group of guys. Which EVERY FUCKING CUBS FAN will tell you. Rizzo is the second coming of Christ! Bryant is Moses. Dick bumps. #ThatsCub. #FlyTheW. All that shit can go to hell. So stay the fuck up north with your GHB -frat-boy-neon-hat-wearing-old-ass-lady-tit-flashing asses and don’t you dare come down here unless you are wearing a Sosa jersey. Maybe a Leon Durham jersey, but chances are you have no idea who Leon is, which is sad Cubs nation.

The 5 – The Most Annoying MLB Fan Bases

Friend of the 108 Polish with Extra Onions recently went to Fenway Park with some family to see the Red Sox square off with the Cubs. As a big chunk of his family are “new” Cubs fans, he draped himself in Red Sox gear strictly for trolling purposes (check him out going LIVE on Facebook for the 108). Despite being in Boston, our group chat rolls on and the crew pretty much agreed, that despite all the Sox fan vs Cubs fan drama, the Cubs fans aren’t even in the top 5 most annoying fan bases in mlb (and it isn’t close we actually got up to like 8 in our chat), so we thought we’d bring you our most annoying fan bases:

Atlanta Braves – This is an updated ranking.  This fan base has shot with a bullet into the top 5 with their amazing twitter followers.  They are constantly arguing that they have the top farm system in the league, but especially after each trade the Sox make.  Even if you include Dansby Swanson, who has played over 120 major league games and about 500 plate appearances, they still have about 3 less players in the top 100 minor leaguers.  It’s fine to love your system, but to rip on other teams’ systems to try to make yours sound better is extremely annoying.  And let’s not forget 2012…

Cleveland Indians – Annoying and not present all at once. All the whining and crying about no championship since the 1940’s and yet, as they cruised to a division title there were like 8,000 people in the crowd. The crowd in game 7 of the World Series was even more fucking embarrassing, looked like a fucking road game. Over the years, the 108ers have attended A LOT of White Sox home games, over that time, I could really only remember a group of folks with a South Korean flag who were REALLY big fans of Shin-Soo Choo coming to our ballpark for the Tribe/Sox contest. This past weekend, I saw lots of Indians hats, whatta shock! Other than the funny and colorful @Reflog_18 on twitter, the rest of this fan base can gf theyselfs, they don’t deserve Francisco Lindor.

New York Yankees – This requires no explanation, but I’ll give it anyway. Remember the kid that “adopted” the Yankees as his favorite team when you live in a city that already has two teams. That annoying kid who “adopted” the Yankees in the late 1990’s when they were a dynasty, we all know that guy, yea, that’s an annoying fucking fan! I think their chronic winning allows for more annoyance and the media’s constant fellatio of the squad puts their fan base on blast as being annoying.  Doug Stanhope put it best when he said “Rooting for the Yankees is like going to a casino and rooting for the house.”

Boston Red Sox – Even without all their wonderful racism, this is still a wretched fanbase. I’ll extend this to Patriots fans too and say my main problem is that they haven’t embraced the “Cheat To Win” persona. Instead, they act like everyone is out to get them. Oh poor Bostonians, people think your teams cheated. Well, they fucking did. And guess what, the “punishments” brought down didn’t do shit. You should bask in that and not cry about it. You should revel in the fact that MLB allowed one of your board members to write the report on PED use in the league and he just happened to omit anything about David Ortiz. You should laugh that your payroll is almost 3x of the Rays. You should have shirts that show the list of things Roger Goodell has taken from you right next to all the championships you’ve won. But instead, you think you’re some kind of underdog despite your $200 million payroll. Maybe it’s that century of getting your balls bashed in by the Yankees? Whatever it is, you’re not an underdog, nobody feels bad for you, and your stupid street grid is impossible to navigate.

Saint Louis Cardinals – One thing us White Sox fans and our north side rivals can agree on. “The Creepy Cardinal Nation” is the term once coined by the infamous radio duo Boers and Bernstein. It fits to a T. Whether it be defending their drunk driving, asshole manager or immortalizing drunken, drug addict players who cause their own demise (and risk that of others) the Cardinals fan is a special breed. They have had the good fortune of an excellent organization to prop up their inherent idiocy. I even saw Joe Sheehan yelling at them as a collective group on twitter for their idiocy. I never see other fan bases subject to this. I bet if we polled every fan base in the midwest, we’d come up with 100% agreeing that the Cards fans are THE MOST ANNOYING.

 – BeefLoaf & Chorizy-E